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Network marketing if practiced properly can be very rewarding, however there are many who are giving Network marketing a bad name so much so that when some people who don’t know about network marketing and what it is when they get invited to take a look they run a million miles from it. One phenomenon that I have noticed in Network marketing is a lack of commitment from many that they don’t give the business the time to grow and they just Jump ship to other business opportunities thinking that the grass is greener somewhere else. Guess what? it is not. I am writing this to help the new and even old business owner who may be is not doing to well in the business, in any business not just my company.
one of the 7 deadly sins in network marketing according to Eric Worre’s book is to jump from opportunity to opportunity. Without giving the opportunity a chance, with out training properly or doing their self development,as a matter of fact if you have not done your homework then you are more likely to fail again and again. even if you move from company to company. Eric mentions that people who cannot stay in one company and bounces from company to company is stealing from their future, from their own residual income
This is agreed by almost all professional network marketers. One should give at least two years and in the mean time do self development and training. How can you teach a down line to duplicate if you your self you have not learnt how to achieve. And then after your team leaving you blame the company and leave. Believe me the grass is not greener somewhere else
Many reps or distributors from other companies prey on this to offer you to join their company, their opportunity. They show you as if the grass is greener in their company.

“You find somebody who’s happy in another company and you engage in
an effort to make them unhappy about where they are. People make a decision
to go from company to company, justifiably sometimes. Sometimes it’s the
right thing to do. My rule is, don’t ever take somebody who’s happy with another
company and engage in conversation and effort to make them unhappy
with it. Don’t plant the seed of doubt in their minds that they’re with the wrong
company at the wrong time. Don’t tell them if they come over with you, your
company or opportunity will be amazing. That’s not what we do inside of this
profession. Sometimes it works if a leader is wildly unhappy or if they’re leaving
their company, or if they’ve left their company and they’re in between companies,
then fine. But if they’re happy where they are, that’s the rule. Don’t make
them unhappy with their situation in an effort to persuade them to come over
into your organization.” (Eric Worre 7 deadly sins)

I personally hate this too it has been done to me a lot recently where people have even approached me online knowing that I am doing well in my company and yet they tell me how much better I would do in theirs. Some have even pretended to have been high level in my company. so I get the impression my company is no good high levels are leaving so i should follow them too.
Just yesterday some one befriended me and sent me a private message asking if i was with such and such business. I replied with the affirmative. straight away the person said i was a leader in your company i left now i am with so and so company( i don’t want to name and shame them). he/ she said you will not make any money with your company come with us i have made so and so much in two weeks. The person even lied that they were a leader in my company and had 380 downlines. what 380 down lines. and you leave to go to another company. Do we have to go down to this level to poach people from other companies when they professionals who have been in the business for decades warn us that it is bad ethics. to boost our business we don’t need to poach, there are plenty of people out there that are not in any opportunity and are searching, they are open as the professionals explain. But to thrive on poaching from other companies that is not good ethics and I think it should be stopped.Lets keep network marketing right and ethical and lets be fair in our business practices while helping others set up in business. We need to set good examples for our down lines if they are to duplicate us.

Hoping you have gained value from this blog and i need to mention that i have not targeted any one in particular, don’t take it personally.
Please comment and listen out for my webinar on the same issue coming soon, and lets network
So rockstars catch you all soon.Take care.

( Read Eric Worre’s Seven Deadly Sins of Network Marketing)

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